Remember, Remember…

Today is the 5th of November, Guy Fawkes day, a fact which almost passed me by.  I do have some British friends on Facebook, but they mostly post about Brexit, or about  football, and none of them even  mentioned it.

It is the  day that I write, once a year, of my favorite conspiracy theory:  the Gunpowder Plot was a false flag.  Of course, there is absolutely no evidence of this  but, there’s no evidence of the opposite, either.  No photographs, we cannot examine the gunpowder, nothing.  Sure, there was motive.  A lot of people hated James, a lot of people had hated Elizabeth, too, and she survived a couple of assassination attempts.  But, James had motive, too.  He was viewed  as a weak  king pretty much from the moment he sat down on the throne.  (Elizabeth Rex fut; Nunc Jacobus Regina  Est)  My Latin is probably rubbish, but basically:  Elizabeth was King, now James is Queen.  Same kind of a joke people would make today.  Putting down a Catholic plot against him would make him look strong and, more importantly, make him look Protestant, which  wasn’t easy, being Scottish and  all.  Also, he had this bible sale racket going on, and it would probably help with that.  Sure, they caught a lot of conspirators and they confessed, but they had this thing they used to do back  then to get confessions: torture.  We’ve got waterboarding.  They had the  iron maiden, the  rack,  and a red  hot  poker  up the butt.  Also, if you think the government has too much control of the press today, back  then  there wasn’t any press.  The king could say whatever he bloody  well pleased and it was not a good idea to contradict him (see torture, above)
So, basically, we can’t believe any history back further than a hundred years or so and since we know governments are still  lying to us, we can’t believe much history at all.

In other news, Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t care what happened during the primary.  Howard Dean said “Nobody’s saying the primaries were rigged” despite the fact that everybody’s saying the primaries were rigged.  And lots of Clinton staffers are accusing Donna Brazile of being influenced by Russians.  Seriously.  Russians again.

The technology is  a bit more advanced than it was  in  the early 1600s, but politicians will still  lie right  in your face.  Thus it has always been.


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