Side Issues

The other day I posted a post which has  gotten more comments than any other post I’ve ever posted, which I’m kind of happy about, but none of them actually related to the point of the post, which is that Hillary voters were also disenfranchised by Hillary Clinton, since the pre-determination of her nomination rendered their support meaningless as well.  It’s like sitting at home watching Peter Pan and clapping for Tinker Belle.  She was going to live anyway – it’s written.
The conversation eventually devolved to guns because wherever there is one 2nd amendment absolutist, that is what the conversation is going to be about.

There are a lot of topics like that.  Issues which are extremely important to a dedicated group of people – sometimes very important issues, admittedly.  But not more important than the economy, the environment, and the fairness of the electoral process.  I really would like to keep these issues compartmentalized, so they don’t dominate all debate and allow politicians to throw up a smoke screen whenever they need one, which is precisely when they shouldn’t have one.

The  list includes abortion, guns, Israel, gay rights, gender issues, even marijuana which is an issue I’m very interested in, and anything related to the flag or other symbols.

When a politician starts talking too  much about any one of these issues, you know two things.  First, they are pandering to a specific group.  Second, they are trying to avoid talking about the real issues.


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