Potluck and Politics

I just got back from a potluck dinner for Democrats Abroad.  I’m not sure how much I have in common with this group, that is to say, with the Democratic party, but I figured there needed to be some Berniecrats there.

I  like a good potluck.  There is always plenty to eat and generally two or three standout dishes.  I made a pasta salad, which was not a big success and I wound up bringing most of it back home, but it was a success in the sense that I liked it, and Helena likes it, so we’ll have  it tomorrow and nothing goes to waste.
I was expecting some political arguments, and had  mentally rehearsed  a few zingers, but I didn’t want to be the one to start any conflict, and none ever arose.  I spent a fair bit of time talking to the other Berniecrats there, but with most of the people, I  didn’t ask which side they were on and nobody asked me, either.

We made small talk about the food, and about  kids and education, and stuff like that.

There was a short speech by the chairperson, but she didn’t mention the evil one’s name, so I decided to be  satisfied with that.  Everybody was happy with the Democratic wins yesterday, although we weren’t all focused on the same races.
The taco pie was excellent.  The Italian style quesadillas were very interesting, had three of those.  The cheesecake was my very favorite.
It was a good evening.


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