Downticket Wins

O.K., I’m not particularly thrilled about Northam being elected governor of Virginia.  Yeah, Democrat, yadda yadda, but not in any way progressive.  Really, the kind of Democrat Democrats don’t need, but at least the Republican lost.

Same story in New Jersey, from what I hear.  At least Chris Christie is done, but a corporate Democrqat is not going to solve the problem: they aren’t even going to address the problem.

Nonetheless, the more I read about Tuesday’s elections, the more heartened I am.  Danica Roem’s victory  over the big homophobe whose main  issue was who  uses which bathroom was a great victory for enlightened common sense.

Apparently, progressives picked up 3 seats in the Georgia legislature that Democrats had never even bothered campaigning for before.

My favorite  win, though, is Lee Carter, who openly calls himself a Democratic Socialist.  They had flyers out connecting him with Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.  He won anyway.  The Democratic party didn’t back him at all – too progressive, and they’re big jerks who honestly would rather lose to Republicans than allow progressives to gain a toehold in the party (O.K., I’m being a bit disingenuous here…we may be struggling for a toehold now, but yes, our intent is to take over the party), but he won without their support.  The guy he beat was a high ranking Republican, among the party’s leadership.  And he won by almost 10 points which, in American politics, is a landslide of epic proportions.

The Berniecrats have  arrived.

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