Teaching Fun

I had a good time teaching today.  Picking up the 2nd graders from their rooms went  a bit  smoother than usual, maybe they are getting  used to the routine.  Then, as has  happened  once  or twice  before, the room was locked.  So, I did the same as I did the time before.  I sat them all down on the window ledge that runs the length of the long, glass hallway, pulled out the flashcards and started teaching.  All the kids like the flashcards.  I can’t explain it.
I knew that pretty soon another teacher would come along and complain about us making too much noise in the hallway, and I could tell them that we were locked out.  Couldn’t just leave the kids there and go looking for somebody  with a key.

Anyway, I did something with that group that was long overdue.  I sat the two biggest troublemakers right in front of  the room, where I could keep an eye on them.  It wasn’t a total success, but it was an improvement.

The next class only had about 6 kids in it, so it was pretty easy and when I was reading Green Eggs and Ham, they started reading along with me.  Just had to slow it right down and they got into the rhythm just fine.
5th and 6th graders went just fine, I tried a flashcard variation that just popped into my head, and made them do  presentations.
9th graders had a couple of girls in the class I’d never seen before and quite a few were absent, so it was almost like teaching a different class.



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