The World Turns

Trump tweets condolences to people in Texas after a mass shooting in California, which probably could have been prevented if the cops had taken it  seriously when the shooter-to-be stabbed one of his neighbors a while back, because  she knocked  on his door to complain about him shooting off his guns all the time; the  Clintonistas and their minions in the press try desperately to smear Wikileaks, implying that Assange is in bed with Trump, which  is kind of ridiculous;  Jeff Sessions is pretty  much totally nailed lying to congress; and Jeff Bezos is still plotting to take over the world.  One topic almost nobody on my facebook page is talking about is Robert Mugabe.

This time I’m not blaming the media.  There is no conspiracy of  silence.  I was just watching CNN and they were talking about it.  Just the  people I  know, apparently, have other priorities.  But, it’s huge news.  He’s ruled Zimbabwe ever since it was Zimbabwe, back in 1980.  He was popularly elected.  People thought he’d be another Nelson Mandela.  Instead, he turned out to be just another thieving dictator, and he’s had an iron grip on the country for 37 years.
I’m not sure how much difference it will make.  He was ousted in a military coup, he’s not dead, it’s not even 100% clear that he’s ousted because a military spokesman said they were targeting ‘the criminals around Mugabe.’  But, Mugabe’s wife has left the country and the general pattern, throughout human history, is that when the military takes control, they don’t just hand it back.  But, even if he is out, and I’m pretty sure he is, there’s no guarantee the new boss is going to be better than the old boss. (see coup, military) and, he’s in his 90s, so he wasn’t going to last too much  longer anyway.

Still, it’s nice that he’s  dethroned, it’s a reminder that no matter how  bad and desperate  things seem, they always  change eventually.  Today, that  change is reason to  rejoice.


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