The Ongoing Investigation

Clinton’s people want Trump investigated  for improper contacts  with  Russia, and Trump’s people want Hillary investigated for a whole  bunch of stuff,  but improper contacts with Russia are  near the  top of the list, and Bernie’s people might like to see Trump investigated, but we don’t  want to side with the Hillary people.
Here’s how I  see it.  The calls for  an investigation into Trump’s dealings with Russia are an indication that the Democrats don’t really want to impeach.  Maybe they’re afraid of Pence, or maybe they just don’t want to see impeachment established as an effective tool, because a guillotine cuts all necks  the  same and, just like poor voters who vote against themselves  on  taxation because they think some day they’ll be rich, Democrats dream that they somehow, magically, will get into power again.
If they really wanted to impeach they’d be going after him for corruption, tax evasion, sexual harassment, nepotism, lack of mental competence, lack of  psychological fitness, lack of the capacity to do the job.  Then  they’d have a winning case, by golly.
I’d be  perfectly happy to see Hillary Clinton investigated  simultaneously.

In fact, I’d like to see everybody in congress, in  the cabinet, in the White House or in public life in any capacity,  investigated.  All the time.  As a matter of course.  Their taxes should  be audited  automatically, their phones should be tapped, their movements should  be tracked.

Once a few of those  fuckers go to  jail – Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter much, but I’d like to see a few of both – then we’ll start to  see some changes, I bet.


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