No Surprise

Well, the  Dakota access pipeline, which so many brave people fought against, is leaking.  We are not surprised.  Pipelines leak.

Five people shot down by a crazy man with a gun in California.  Police had had  lots of warning signs.  We are not surprised.

Trump says something stupid.  We are not surprised.
There are predictable things.  The cycle of day and night, increasingly cold weather as  we move into winter, increases  in price.  Oil pipelines leak (It’s not automatic, I  suppose.  If they were actually being constructed for people who are concerned about the environment and conscientious, by people who have a clue what they’re doing, then there would be no leaks, but you can never be sure about the latter and the former is just obviously first.  If they gave a shit about the planet they wouldn’t be in the oil  industry in the first place.

Mass shootings are carried out by crazy people with high powered weapons.  This is pretty much the definition of a mass shooting.  Since we know there will always be a supply of crazy people, the only way to stop them  would be to eliminate the guns, but we know that’s not  going to happen so when the next mass shooting  happens, it will not be a surprise.

And, of course, Trump does and says stupid things every day.  It’s what one expects of a stupid person.  The surprise is when he occasionally says  or does something not  completely stupid.
It is unthinkable that the Democrats could lose to him in 2020, and yet…certainly Hillary Clinton would lose to him.  Liz Warren, hated on both the right (for her positions) and the left (for  her betrayal) would probably lose to him.  In fact, anybody who is hated by the Berniecrats (takes corporate cash, does not support universal health care) would probably lose to him.

And it won’t even be a surprise.


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