Lighten Up on Al Franken, Already

I have  often criticized Al Franken, over the last couple of years, for being an asshole  as a Superdelegate and making it  very clear that  he was  a Superdelegate for Hillary even if the Democratic voters in his state, the  exceptionally beautiful state of Minnesota, voted overwhelmingly for Bernie Sanders which they, in fact, did.
I think he needs to apologize for that.  Not for some isolated incident that happened back when he was still  a comic, and wasn’t really all  that  bad.
The old honk-honk joke?  They did that on Married With  Children, more than once.  They did a whole lot worse on Benny Hill, every episode.  It’s not very funny,  but they were comedians on a tour and just fooling around.
Anyway, he apologized, and the ‘victim’ accepted his apology, and we can move on.  I I don’t think we will, though.  I just saw a comment thread on the Al Franken incident, and it was long, really long, to the point where there was really no point in adding my comment to it.  There was no more room on the Dodgeball court to add new players.  About half were saying ‘this is not  such a big deal’ and the other half were calling for  his immediate resignation, and why should we support him just because he’s a Democrat, and any aggressive behavior on the part of men, whether verbal, comical, or merely flirtatious is absolutely at the same level of evil as  dragging a girl  into the bushes and  having sex while you hold  a knife to her throat.
So, I think it’s  not going to  be  safe out there  for  a while, guys.  Eventually, we will  reach some kind of equilibrium again, where a man can talk to a woman without fear of a lawsuit, but it won’t be the same equilibrium we  had before.
No more honk-honk joke,  anyway.


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