How to Spot a Witch Hunt?

If I’m not already on the record as thinking this whole #metoo thing has become a bit of a witch hunt, let this blog be considered as such.
I just saw a friend’s update in which she said men should  stop posting in support of women because we should have been speaking up for women all along .  I saw another one earlier who listed as enemies ‘anyone who uses the word witch hunt.’  So, we’re not supposed to criticize (or mansplain, which seems to be a word now for anything said by a man), but we’re not supposed to agree and offer support, either.  We’re not being given a lot of options here.

But it’s the Al Franken case which makes me think it’s a witch hunt.  There was an article the other day in the New York Times, which is still inexplicably in existence, saying that ‘it  might not be fair, but Al Franken should resign.’  Let me repeat that.  Even if Al Franken turns out to be completely innocent (which  I  think will happen, despite the 2nd accuser – her charge doesn’t sound much more serious than the first one), the New York Times still thinks he should be forced to resign.
Then, there was a guy (Yes, a guy) who was berating me today for being sufficiently anti-Franken, saying we shouldn’t be questioning whether the charge is serious enough or not, since he has been accused and we must believe the women.
This is insane.  When the accuser is automatically believed because if someone is accused, we must assume them guilty, then it’s a witch hunt.


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