For quite some time now, probably  about  a year, I’ve  been  a member of a Facebook group called Berniecrats.  Well, visitor  to the page, anyway.  Saying member of the group conjures up an  image of us all meeting for tea and cookies on  Thursday  afternoons, or something, instead of a group of strangers with a political conviction in common.

Anyway, a month or two  ago, things got a bit out of hand, with the excessive number of trolls, and the admins pretty much threw up their hands.  A lot of people  left, I guess you could say the smarter ones.  I hung on, figuring it didn’t matter  if trolls were present, we outnumbered them and, besides, that gave us someone to argue with.  It does  get rather boring agreeing  with people all  the time, and that’s not at all the reason  I’m on Facebook.
Anyway, it has recently become clear  that the admins themselves are a huge part of the problem.  Either the whole thing has been an  elaborate trolling ruse from the start, or they have honestly come to the political opinion (as they claim) that Bernie betrayed the movement he started by supporting Clinton, that he should have run as an independent, or maybe a Green, or  something equally futile.  I tend to the elaborate ruse theory, since most Bernie fans are still  Bernie fans, and support him in the fights he’s waging, on our behalf, right now.
Anyway, I’ve been arguing with a couple of  them, and now find myself kicked off the site.  It’s O.K., I’ve been kicked off other sites before (including one poetry page, but I’m pretty sure politics was the reason), and I suppose what I said might have been construed as an ad hominem attack, and usually I would agree that cheap puns on people’s names are lame (as much as I  despise her, I  get real tired of people thinking they’re clever calling  her Killary, or Shillary), but Claybell Dumbfuck (the troll’s name is Collin Daybell) just tumbled from  the tips of my  typing fingers.

Whatever.  I belong to a few other Bernie sites, so this will reduce the clutter a bit.


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