Wrong, Wrong, My Whole Life Long

I had always thought that  Thanksgiving fell on  the last  Thursday of November, so I was a bit confused this year.  Did the powers that be try to move it  back a week to add more shopping days before Christmas? (as FDR tried to do, as a measure to jolt the economy out of the depression, but the Republicans screamed ‘tradition!’ which meant ‘We hate Roosevelt because he’s a Democrat and helps poor people’ and, for a few years  in the 30s, there was actually a Democrat Thanksgiving and a Republican Thanksgiving, but the Republicans won that battle, in the end)
No, it the 4th Thursday in November.  Fair enough.

It kind of boggles  my mind, though.  As an American, I have been celebrating Thanksgiving since before I had teeth for  the Turkey, and yet I had the date wrong.  It makes me wonder, a bit, whether I know the things I know or whether I’ve got some of them wrong.    A couple of months ago, I posted something on Facebook, something about an evil corporation, or  at any rate a large one, which wasn’t true, but I thought it  was.  I got a reply, which sounded a lot like  it came from somebody inside the company, which  was a bit flattering, although  they completely debunked what I said.  (Our name, at that point, was X, and the company you are confusing us with was Y), and I felt a bit stupid but also relieved, because  I like their food.

The way I see it is this.  I true to tell the truth, but I can’t be expected to run to google every 10 seconds because nothing would ever get written.  So, if I’m wrong about something, feel free  to let  me know and I’ll correct  it.  Until then, I’ll assume I’m right.


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