Best Teachhr

Tomorrow we’re off to one of Isabel’s street dance competitions, in the lovely town of Pisek so we might do a bit of sightseeing, although we have been there before.  It’s a lovely town, but not that big.
Had a nice day today, my bigger kids prepared a sort of crossword (very easy) but, it was an English game and they’d taken the  trouble  to  figure it out beforehand, well, at least one girl had, and she’s the one  that likes puppets and isn’t very good at learning by the usual means and takes 15 minutes to draw a house.  I figured something was up when I saw that the letters down (with no clue) spelled ‘best teacher,’ although they didn’t actually, she’d put the elephant too far to the left so it  spelled ‘best teachhr,’ which even the other kids caught, and  the she flipped open the blackboard  and she’d written ‘Wili is _________.’
Then they expected to play “Hangman” for the rest of the hour, and I wasn’t having that.


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