The Path to Unity

Even this late in the game, I  usually get at least one comment a day that Bernie supporters are responsible for the Trump presidency.  When I point out that we think the same of them, or talk about Hillary selling uranium to the Russians, or how many people close to her have  wound up dead, or her selling nerve gas to terrorists in Syria (haven’t researched that one much yet, but I consider Seymour Hersch to generally be a good source), or her ex-BFF’s book which pointed out that no  matter how bad we thought the  rigging was, it was  worse, they retreat to their argument of last resort: “Why are we arguing about this?  We need to unite  so  we can  win in 2018.”
Well, it would be pretty easy to say ‘you started it,’ and I’ve said that on  occasion, but it’s not terribly productive.
I do agree that we should unite ahead of 2018.  Just because you blame us for the  loss and we blame you doesn’t mean we  have to fight.  It’s past.  Let’s talk about the  issues.
Are you in favor of universal health care?

Are you in favor of saving the environment?

Are you in favor of getting money out of politics?
Are you against private prisons?
Are you against wars?
There are 9 or 10 other issues, but I don’t want to reach too high right away.  If you can say yes to these 5 questions, then you already ARE united with Sanders’ supporters, and we’re very happy  to have unity with you.
If you can’t, then go.  Vote Republican, and take Hillary with you.


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