World’s Stupidest Joke

I’m not going to include the link.   If you follow politics at all, you’ve  probably seen the clip.  Donald Trump, at some sort of award ceremony for the Navajo codebreakers, a group of men who did way  more than average in the fight  against Hitler, which is not only something Donald Trump would know nothing about, it’s also something Trumps dad  would  know nothing about, made a really  dumb joke.
I mean, it’s not even a joke  at all unless you’re a diligent  follower of Trump and a right wing hater of Elizabeth Warren (which is completely different than a left wing hater of Elizabeth Warren – we are not at all the same)

It was the most tortuous lead up to a lame punch line since Hillary and Bill DiBlasio made that horrible joke about ‘colored people time’ on a New York City stage what seems like a million years ago.
He talked about how ‘special’ the old Navajo gentlemen next to him were, how they were the original Americans, and then talked about a ‘special’ person in congress (which sort of highlights the lack of actual indigenous representation), who he calls ‘Pocahontas.’
Now, the nickname originates because Liz Warren once listed on a college application that she had American Indian ancestry.  Perhaps she hoped that would give her an  advantage and perhaps  it did.  Turned out she actually doesn’t have any Indian ancestry, but she  said she’d always been told,  in her family, that she had, which I find perfectly plausible.  Lots of little fibs in family histories here and there.
But the point is, the nickname is Trump’s, nobody else calls her that, and the joke was absolutely gratuitous.  Warren had nothing to do with the speech Trump was giving,  or with the Navajo nation, pro or con.
So, there was no reason for it.  It was as random and irrelevant as if he’d suddenly cupped his hand over his mouth and  started dancing around going woo-woo-woo-woo.  That’s how  bad  it was.  And, just like Hillary Clinton in the skit she did with DiBlasio, he totally failed  to realize how racist it was.  Because racists usually do.


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