A Walk in the Park

As I sometimes do, I went out for a walk today to smoke a joint, which usually means I  go to the park, or that vast and indeterminate area next to the river, but today I walked a different direction, just to take a look at a building which is almost finished, and is an interesting architectural addition to the neighborhood.
It’s an office building, called ‘The Butterfly,’ I guess because of its wavy walls, but the feature that makes it interesting is that it’s covered in plants.  Seriously, over half the external space is covered in green.  It’s a fantastic concept.  I’d like to see lots of  buildings like that.  It could save the environment.
Wasn’t a very good space for smoking a joint, though, public street and all, and rather a windy day.  So, I pocketed it half-finished and walked over to the park.  As I walked, my mind wandered, and here was the gist of it.  As we move into the future, the rate of change is going to speed up and speed up, so what we are  headed  for, ultimately, is an  explosion (metaphorical) of change.  However, explosions (real) tend to destroy the good along with  the  bad.  So, we need  to invent, develop, plan, desing (back  to metaphorical) an explosion which only destroys the bad  stuff.

How do we do that?  I don’t know, as I said, my mind was wandering, not moving in  a direct, committed line.  But, I got a few good lines for a future poem and it was altogether a lovely walk.


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