November Spit-it-Out Poetry Reading

Just got home from this month’s poetry reading at Amaze-in-Tchaiovna and it was a really good affair.  Far bigger crowd than usual, and I  have  no idea how or why that happened, but it went pretty quickly nonetheless, all open mike and no feature speaker did hasten things a bit and perhaps it was partly perception  on my part, I arrived after it had started and just about the only available seat  was at a table with a couple of  lovely, young Italian college students.
My stuff was well received, people laughed, in the right places, and one, which I’d considered not doing at all as it was just a four  line thing and rather a negative thought at that, actually produced a couple of gasps.  Other than myself, I quite liked the guy who sang blues, sort of…Amy Winehouse, yeah, it’s blues, what else could you call it.
Anyway, I read 8 poems, only 3 of them above the ‘very  short’ length, which is mostly what I’ve been writing lately, and into the normal short category, but all of them will go into the next book, Paradox.

I’ve got two more planned, one a book of very short, ekphrastic poems of which I  want 240 and I’ve written about 5 but I  know what I want and, as they’re very short I’ll be able to crank them out, it’s a theme to work on.  The third book in the pipeline will be called ‘The 5 Stages of Consciousness,’ or maybe 4, or 6, I don’t know, but it’s also sort of a concept book.
The more I write, the more I write.


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