Weekend End

The weekend is over and I should get this written and get to bed because I’ve got a full schedule of classes tomorrow, followed by a poetry reading for which I  am rather unprepared.  On the one hand, I can just read the stuff I read at the last poetry reading, it’s not at all the same group of people but, nonetheless, that would not be achieving my personal goal, which is always to have something new for each of the three readings I regularly attend.

I do have sort of an idea, which came to me on a walk the other day, about the two  different kinds of people, those who look  into the windows of cafes and wander what the people inside are thinking, or those who walk through the day minding their own business and not dreaming much, how many people are dreamers and how many people  are worker bees, getting through life without all the drama, and is one kind happier or more enlightened than  the other, and the tagline will be something about how the left brain and the right brain need to co-exist.

I kind of have the sound in my head, a four syllable per line with staggered rhymes kind of thing, that will click along at speed and so be a longish  poem that can be read in a short period of time, slam style or , at least, slam style  as I  imagine it.  I’ll just have to  write it tomorrow, on the metro, between classes or, worst case scenario at ACT before the  event begins.  It’s a risk, but I’ve done  it before, and there’s nothing like the pressure of a deadline to force the writing.

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