First Snow

Well, it didn’t stick, but I’ll bet outside of Prague it did.

When I left the flat this morning, still  before the dawn, I  noticed that  it  was a rather damp day.  Had rained overnight, apparently. When I got out of the metro, not a half an hour later, there was snow covering the ground.  Now, I know that  that much  didn’t  fall that fast.  It’s just an example of  how localized weather systems can be.
Prague is in a river valley, and we live close enough to the river that, during the flood of 2002, our building was actually IN the river.  It’s fairly common that you’ll  be enjoying a nice, normal winter without any snow and then you decide to go out of the city for the weekend.  Pretty much  as soon as you’re past Černy Most all of the fields  are covered in  that soft, white blanket.
Well, the neighborhood where I  was this morning is not actually out of the city at all, but it’s a bit away from the center, and so  there was snow.  After that class, I went for breakfast at the McDonald’s at Nadraži Holešovice, and this time it was actually snowing, big, puffy, white flakes being whipped around by the wind, so while  it was falling, some of it was rising.  Very pretty.  Wrote this poem:
Raindrops fall, upon the old tin roof,

a sharp, staccato sound

there is not a drop of mercy

as they plummet to the ground

Snowflakes, though, are plump and fluffy

and the wind whips them around

They know how to make an entrance

Waltzing in as if to say

“Now I’m here, the party’s started”

Winter is the time to play

Truth be told, I am not a fan of snow and could quite happily spend a winter without it, but I’m not going to be cynical on first day.

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