We should not be dishtreshed or surprished that the Preshident of the United Shtates shomethimesh shlurs his shpeech.  I mean, he givesh shpeeches all the  time, it’sh almosht inevitable.
One theory ish that it was caushed by bad denshursh, but a lot of people shay that’sh bullshit, becaush he’sh a billionaire, sho why would he have denshurs, rich people don’t get denshursh, they get implantsh, and that makes shense exshept that Trump ish Trump, and ordersh in from KFshe even though he’sh got a kitchen full  of world  clash chefs, and it’sh not becaush he’sh a man of the people or shome shit like that, it’sh becaush he wouldn’t know good food if  it bit him on  the ash, sho maybe  he’sh got denshursh becaush he’sh too  shtupid to  zhip up hish own  zhipper, mosht  likely.

Or maybe  he wsh  jusht shnockered.  Or on  drugsh.

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