Bye Bye, Mario

I just unfriended somebody (a guy named Mario, obvs) and, as usual when I unfriend somebody, I feel pretty good about it.  In  real life, it’s not  that easy.
It was, as it often is, a political argument.  I very seldom unfriend anybody just because they have offensive politics.

I’m not saying never.  I unfriended, at the time of the New York primary, a person who I actually know in real  life (although I haven’t seen him for  over 30 years), because he’s such an Israel  first nutcase, and he was just furious that Bernie Sanders would actually consider the Palestinian point of view.  I felt a bit bad over that one, but it did mean not reading his obnoxious posts any more.
More often, it’s a combination of political disagreements and just plain obnoxiousness – as in this case.  His original post was something about Nathan Rothschild and the New World Order, which puts him  into wacky conspiracy theory and anti-Semitic territory, but I wouldn’t have unfriended him just over that.  The conflict came further down in the thread.  One young lady  accused him of being a Trump troll (which, having read many of his posts, is not an entirely unfounded accusation) and he answered back with (I’m paraphrasing) ‘Neener-neener, you’re the troll.’
I pointed out that that was not a good argument.
Then, he said something along the lines of ‘Yeah, you’ve got a funny face and wear glasses.’ (Actually, the young lady in  question has a perfectly normal, reasonably attractive face, and there’s nothing all  the weird about glasses, so, just gaslighting)  I said that was rather rude.

Then, and I guess this was directed at both her and me, he said ‘Well, if you don’t like it keep on scrolling, this is my wall and I don’t want any arguments,’ which is kind of an absurd thing to say when you’re making inflammatory political posts.  So, that’s what I said.
He said I should unfriend  him if I didn’t like it.  So, I did.
When you say you don’t want any arguments you are, in effect, admitting that you lost the argument, is the way I see it.


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