Christmas at the Cottage

We are at the cottage, which means that Christmas is now officially underway.  All presents are bought and wrapped, there’s nothing more to do except the cooking, and I’m not likely to be asked to have anything to do with that.  So, the part of Christmas I really dislike is basically over and I  can coast.  Of course, everyone will probably be watching some bad Christmas movies tomorrow, and I hate that aspect of the holidays as well, but I can ignore that.
Outside of a dinner of carp and potato salad, and tomorrow night’s opening of the presents, I can use this 3 day, 3 night getaway to get some reading done, get some writing done, sleep a lot, and maybe go for  some long walks but… it’s not exactly a winter wonderland outside.  Nobody says “I’m dreaming of an extremely viscous, gray Christmas,” but that’s what this is shaping up to be.  Mud all around, and a few scraggly little patches of snow, looking forlorn after all the other snow has gone.

That’s global warming for you, I guess.

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