I was just watching The Witches of Eastwick, dubbed into Czech.  I’d seen it in the cinema when it first came out, so remembered what it was about and that I’d quite liked it, so it wasn’t a problem.
Jack Nicholson really is an amazing actor.  Even without understanding probably more than 50% of the dialogue, it was not at all  difficult to follow the story, and as a physical comic he’s on the same level as Jerry Lewis or Jim Carrey.  The bit where the girls (Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Cher) are doing voodoo on him had me rolling on the floor, damn near.

Something else that strikes me as funny every time I see it is that there is now a Trump figure in Disneyland’s ‘Hall of Presidents.’  The thing is, while Trump may look bad compared to Obama, people who hated Obama don’t see it that way.  But, when you put Trump up among ALL the presidents, seeing him on a stage with Washington, and Lincoln, and even Coolidge, McKinley and Hoover, he looks ridiculously out of place.  A sad, fat robot with bad hair.  None of the same gravitas, the air of having belonged to the job, even if they all weren’t equally brilliant at it.  None of the same dignity, at all.

Sad.  (but still funny)


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