Was Shakespeare Shakespeare?

Outside of watching ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ (which was totally predictable, silly  animal  fun) and not a very original film at all (You knew he was going to get back together with  his  family, you knew they couldn’t leave the penguins in the zoo) but it  certainly had some moments, and the Sherman  and Peabody  movie and Monster University, both of which  I’d seen  before, it wasn’t a very stimulating day culturally, although I  had  a few arguments about poetry  on Facebook.

An interesting debate  about whether  William Shakespeare was actually  the author of William Shakespeare’s works (I believe he was).  It started with  somebody  pointing out that there were no books in his will, which doesn’t really  strike me as too odd, there really weren’t a lot of books around at the  time, and he wrote plays and poetry.  Most people of his day wouldn’t  have owned  any  books.  Of  course, it’s a bit odd for a writer, but maybe he’d  given them to  friends before his death, or had some verbal  agreement.
They were saying that there was no actual proof of him authoring all those works, but on the  other hand  there’s no proof of  anybody else  authoring  them  either.  You  get back to the 16th  century and there’s no proof of a lot of stuff.  Was Joan of Arc delusional because of some bacteria in the milk or was she just a religious fanatic?  We’ll never know.  Was Elizabeth I really  a virgin?  We’ll never know.  Richard III, good  guy  or bad guy?  We’ll never know.  And I’m sure I  have written here  several times  my theory of the Gunpowder Plot (false flag, inside job).  We’ll never know.
So, doubters will  continue to doubt that Shakespeare could have been  a great enough genius to have been Shakespeare, and I can’t  prove them wrong.  Nonetheless, I  remain unconvinced.


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  1. Beverly Dahlen

    I feel pretty certain that Elizabeth was not a virgin; she just wasn’t married. Somebody wrote Shakespeare’s plays and it might as well have been Shakespeare.

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