Yes, the current administration is a shitstorm.  The great tax swindle, the loss of net neutrality, the hideously incompetent people appointed to so many key positions – it will  be surprising if America survives.

But what does that mean?  The middle half of the  North American continent in not going to slide into the ocean.  It’s not likely to be overrun  by Canadians.  No, the poor will continue to get poorer, and there will be more of them, and some people will die due to lack of health care, but it probably won’t be enough to spark  the needed revolution.  But, there is a bright side.

When Nikki Haley said “We’re going to be taking names,” the heads of 138 nations said “Go ahead, see if we fucking care.”  (those are nobody’s exact words, although Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox, has said something similar)  That’s what their vote at the U.N. amounted to.
Trump didn’t get invited to an awards ceremony at the Lincoln Center, and he’s not being invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding.  Even the old bullshit line “you don’t have to respect the president, but you have to respect the office” no longer holds true.  This is a good thing.  People should have, at the very least, sharp suspicions about their leaders.  Withering contempt is probably even better.
And, around the world, if people are not respecting the president, they are not showing the same deference to the United States, either.  This is probably a very good thing.

Countries should follow those countries which are doing good things to preserve the environment, like Costa Rica and Germany, countries who appreciate education like Finland and are striving for a better more humane economy like Iceland, countries that are building high speed rail networks like China, Japan and France, and countries which have totally legalized marijuana like Uruguay.
If the U.S. loses its position of world leadership due to Donald Trump, this will be good for the world and, in the long run, good for America.
It would still probably be a good idea to impeach him though, and if he could be sent to prison and have all his assets seized, that would be nice.


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