On China and Iran

It’s strange, isn’t it, how there hasn’t been any news out of Iran for a couple of days.  There’s something we’re not being told, but what.  In any event, without news, there’s not  much I  can write about it, just about the fact that whatever’s happening, it’s going unreported.

So, I’ll write about China instead.  They are planning to implement a “Social Credit Score” which will rate all  of their citizens, according to their credit score and a whole  bunch of other  factors.  Everybody, out of the 1.3 billion people living there, are going to have a score.  Dang.  Somebody’s going to feel  like shit.

It sounds horrific, but I was wondering today if there was an upside to it.  For some people, they may feel very validated by having a higher score than they thought.  Some will treat it as a competitive thing and, in a way, that might be good for society.

Also, it’s the kind of thing that’s almost inevitable, with so much available information lying around, just waiting to be aggregated.  So, we’ll see how it goes.

Then  I saw another news story from China, about an app they have on their phones.  A game.  You watch 30 seconds of a speech from President Xi Jinping, saying something like “It is the mission of the Communist Party of China to strive for the happiness and the rise of the Chinese people.”  And then you clap, i.e. tap the screen of your phone as many times as you can in 18 seconds.  You can post your results online!  You can play with your friends!

Sounds dumb, right?  There are already  400 million players.  The president of China is not Justin Bieber.  This, plus the social credit rating thing, is scary shit.

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