Poor, Sad Melania

I know, it’s not nice to make fun of, or be overly  critical of, the families of famous horrible politicians, and usually I try to respect that rule.  By usually, I mean more than 50% of the time, which I consider admirable restraint.

But, there are exceptions.  If the family members are also famous horrible  politicians, like with the Clintons or another of Washington’s most mockable  couples, James Carville and Mary Matalin, but since she worked for Bush and him for Bill Clinton, you don’t hear much about them any  more, that’s one exception. If the family members have some active role in the famous horrible politicians career, that’s another.  We made fun of Billy Carter but nobody took it too seriously because we knew he didn’t actually have any influence on his brother.  Nancy Reagan,  on the other hand, deserved every bit of criticism she got.  If, somehow, the embarrassing relative of the horrible famous politician in question somehow reflects directly on famous horrible politicians judgement, like the time Mike Hackabee’s son tortured and killed a dog, that’s another.

The Trump family has all of these, in spades.  Don, Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Jared are all open to criticism because they work for their dad and, besides, they are adults, and the boys do horrible things like go to Africa for trophy hunting.  I’ll accept that  we should leave  Barron more or less alone.  But Melania, poor, tragic,  Melania is in a class  by herself.  I don’t care if she wears a dress  that some people think looks like a shower curtain, they say  the  same about celebrity’s I like,  too.  It does bother me that she never smiles.  The only time this year I remember her smiling was when she met the pope,  and I give all credit for that to the pope.  What a guy, eh?  One  other time was that brief  moment at the inaugural, before Donald turned around and wiped the  smile from her face with  just a couple of words, and we still  don’t know what he said.  She just looks like the most miserable person in the world, despite having  billions of dollars and being first lady of the U.S.

Is she miserable  because her husband is an  absolute dick?  Probably.  And I think that’s  worth commenting on.

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