Loser v. Loser

I read an article today about how Trump never expected to win, did not want to be president, and was totally surprised by the outcome.  I believe that.

It was a widespread rumor during the campaign that there was an agreement between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, that they would both run for president and that way one of them was sure to win.  Of course, from Hillary’s side, she was sure that would be her, and she wanted to be president very much.  But, the rumor was basically based on one photo of them together, laughing, at Donald and Melania’s wedding, and a whole lot of guesswork.  Not even guesswork, really, just speculation.  It’s like investigating Jill Stein because of that photograph where she’s sitting at the same table as Vladimir Putin.  It’s not only not proof, it’s not even enough to base a good conspiracy theory on.

However, now we know (from her emails) that she colluded with the press to try to get Trump more publicity (to elevate him as a ‘Pied Piper’ candidate.  You have to wonder about that choice of words.  Is she familiar with the fairy tale?  Is she aware it did not end well?)  And we know a lot more about what a devious, power hungry, corporate friendly person she really is, so the whole thing, in retrospect, seems very likely.
The thing is, though, if you accept the preposition that Trump wasn’t trying to win, what does that say about Hillary Clinton?  How bad a candidate do you have to be to lose against someone who isn’t trying to win?  You have to be such a bad candidate that you alienate half of your own party.  You have to be such a bad candidate that you spend most of the campaign at fund raising dinners available only to wealthy people.  You have to be such a bad candidate that you don’t bother to make any campaign appearances in states you desperately need to win.

Amazingly bad, really.



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