A Very Stable Genius

Somehow, to me, Trump saying “I’m a genius, I’m a very  stable genius” sounds very much like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man saying “I’m a good driver, I’m a very good driver.”  And I ‘m surprised  I’d never noticed this before, because he uses this construction a lot.

Partly because it’s in response to an inside book, with  plenty of sources, that he couldn’t stop the publication of, and which is  generally being believed  by all  who read it, and which talks a lot  about how Trump is a total moron, and semi-literate at best.

Most traditional  politicians wouldn’t have responded to such a charge at all, but to respond right  away that you’re not  only not stupid, you’re a goddamned genius, which anybody can see you are clearly not, is kind of deranged.  What indication did Donald Trump ever have in his life that he was a genius?  Did he ever get a stellar mark on an exam?  Did  any of his teachers say “That was brilliant, Donnie, I can’t believe how much  smarter you are than all the  other students.”?  Did he ever  read a  long book of  the kind intelligent people read?  I’m not  demanding Joyce or Faulkner.  I doubt he’s every read anything by Hemingway.

The assertion -not just a genius, but a very stable genius, like Nikola Tesla but a better personality – only draws attention to  the assertions in the book, that he never reads  anything, that he didn’t really want to win, that he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and doesn’t really  give a shit.  And they are all very believable assertions, indeed.

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