Et tu, Discovery Channel?

I’m not too bothered if an entertainment channel wants to run reruns of old shows.  If it’s to a ridiculous level, I start bitching, but if  it’s  a show I never watched  much, then it’s something  new to me.

Music channels are also getting of showing the same stuff over and over again, but there’s a discernible cycle.  Pop, pop, pop, fade, memory, nostalgia, oldie, retro.  Something like that and  there are plenty of channels so you can often choose one according to decade.

It does irritate me especially on  Discovery Channel, though, and I caught them doing it twice in the last two days.  Yesterday they were doing a real interesting program on  the various ways that humans of the future  will be superhuman, there was some brain stuff, and some direct linking up with computers and stuff like that and then they got into the prosthetics and they brought up Oscar Pistorius  (you remember, the South African track  star with no legs, who murdered his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day), and it reminded me of the last time I’d seen the very same program.  They’d mentioned Oscar Pistoruius, and the case was much fresher then, and I thought “Whoops, they had that pre-filmed” shortly followed by, “Well, they’ll never air that program again.”  But they just  did.  Yesterday.

Then, today I was watching a very interesting program on the probability of life on other planets and they talked  about ice moons like Europa and Enceledas, and the building blocks of  life, and the Drake equation, and then they had an interview with Seth Shostak and, in the interview, Seth Shostak did not have white hair.  Now, Seth Shostak has had white  hair ever since I’ve known of  the existence of Seth Shostak.  The show was at least  15, probably 20 years old.

I expect the search for extraterrestrial life has made some strides since then.  Why don’t they show the new stuff?

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