Oprah did give a rather good speech at the Golden Globes.  She said ‘persecuted’ when she meant ‘prosecuted’ but lots of people make that mistake and everybody knew what she meant.  It was a stirring speech, a rousing speech, but come right down to it  it was just a speech and all these people saying Oprah should run for president are just not being serious at all.
She didn’t really say anything new or unexpected.  She talked about how inspired she was when Sidney Poitier won his Oscar in 1964, and how she hoped some young, black girls watching would be inspired by her.  She talked a lot about the #metoo movement.  Of course.  That was the theme of the evening.  The crowd was on its feet, as you’d expect them to be.  Nobody is actually speaking up FOR sexual harassment.

But, for a presidential candidate, we want somebody who actually has political experience.  We don’t need a Democratic version of Trump.  And we want somebody who is a bona fide progressive.  Oprah seems to be a kind  person, and probably on the right side of most issues, but I suspect her of  being a Hillary supporter, and that is not at all  what we need.

Basically, the Democrats are desperate to find a woman (Oh, it must be a woman) who can stop Bernie Sanders, and it can’t be Tulsi Gabbard.  They are trying to block Gabbard as much as they tried to block Sanders.  They leave her name out of all polls of prospective candidates.  There are still people who don’t know who she is.

But, if the Democrats don’t nominate Gabbard (or Sanders himself) they will lose.  We fucked them over once, and we will  fuck them over again.


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