Down The Memory Hole

I wrote about this a  couple of days ago, maybe a week, how Discovery Channel is recycling old programs.  It embarrasses me to  say I  didn’t notice it for a while and I wonder how many times I’ve watched the same program, thinking I’m learning things about space and how the universe works, but I’m just seeing the same information over and over again.
But, it makes me think of something that happened a couple years back, which was never explained to my satisfaction.  Two scientists in Canada discovered signals from 234 different solar systems – suns very like our own.

Experts rushed to say it was not proof of extraterrestrial intelligence (even though it kind of is) and that more research was needed.  And from that day to this, no further research has been done, at least not publicly.  I tried looking for recent articles on it and found nothing more recent than about 7 months ago.    All of the articles said things like “it could have been human error,” which of course it could have, but it could have been  not human error, too, and “lots of stars give off anomalous signals,” which I’m sure is true, but when you get the same anomalous signal 234 times, it’s not anomalous any more.

I would understand (and appreciate it) if they could  come up with some information disproving the Borra-Trottier findings.  But, they’re trying to consign it to the same memory hole as Building 7 and the guys on the grassy knoll.
Which makes me think it’s real.


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