Inherit the Shit

“He who troubleth his own house shall inherit the shit.”- Poopverbs, 11:29

There are some people who just like stirring up shit.  Either that, or they just make inflammatory statements because they sound very witty  at the time and then when it blows up in their face because they didn’t really consider both sides of what they were saying, they say “Oh, well, hell, you know me, I just like stirring up shit,” as if that excuses them from being a total  moron, and usually, in fact, it does because most people are perfectly ready  to  give them the  face saving option and let everybody walk away from the argument.

Had a guy over at one of my Bernie pages today ranting and raving about what a horrible dictator Assad is and how could liberals excuse him, etc…, in seemingly total  obliviousness to the fact  that the U.S. has been trying to get rid of Assad for well over a year now and, clearly, it hasn’t worked.  Assad has a pretty good hold on power in Syria and most people prefer him to the alternative because the alternative is ISIS, or getting the fuck bombed out of them by Americans, and maybe both.  Nonetheless, with all of the possible topics to talk about, he’s decided that’s the one important one.

Then, at a poetry group I frequent, there  always seems to be somebody jumping up to attack a poem, and not even the worst poems, because there are some stinkers, for sure, when you can post anything, a lot of crap gets posted.  And the criticisms are invariably petty and nonconstructive, basically saying “this is dumb, this is boring.”  Why do they do that?  If there’s a legitimate criticism, sure, but it  seems people do it just  to be mean, and it isn’t just one person, either.

People suck.

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