A Small Suggestion

I don’t quite understand Facebook’s most recent change of algorithm.  I’m not seeing more from friends and family, I’m not seeing fewer from businesses.  And, it’s still possible to  block a post, which I do occasionally.

But, when you block a post, they start asking you questions, like you need a reason to block a post.  I’m not too bothered even by that.  They’re trying to get information, I suppose, on what people want to block.

But, I wish that, in addition to the few options they give you, they left a space for ‘other,’ where you can type in your actual reasons, like “it’s been at the top of my feed for 3 days now.  I haven’t commented on  it and you should be able to figure out from that that I’m not interested in it,” or “It disturbs me that the person who created this meme can’t spell for shit” or “This is really lame.  That’s all.”

But, they don’t.  So, I take it from that that Facebook is not really trying to understand their clientele, they are just trying to classify and subdivide their clientele.
Mark Zuckerberg may be a great computer genius but he could really do himself a lot of good by hiring a few people who can understand normal human beings.

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