Oprah Bows Out

Oprah Winfrey.  To tell you the truth, I don’t know  what I think about her.  On the one hand, she’s been a  very successful talk show host  for many years and millions of people love her.  My  mother loved her.  So there’s that.

Then there was the time she gave everybody in her audience a car.  That was pretty cool.  Of course, she’s filthy rich and it was well within her budget to give them all cars and it was tremendous publicity for her and I’m always a bit leery of rich people’s highly publicized donations to charity.  You do a bit of simple math and you realize it’s as if you or  I  were to give a couple of bucks to a panhandler.  Still, she didn’t have to give everybody a car and it was kind of a cool thing, and I’m sure greatly appreciated by the recipients.

Then there was that time she flipped out like a prima donna when she couldn’t get into a fancy shop in Paris because it was a private event and, besides, nobody recognized her because it was Paris and she’s not actually famous there.  But, maybe that wasn’t that big of a deal.
But, I sure did think it was ridiculous after her Golden Globe speech when all sorts of people started suggesting she run for president.  And I sure am relieved that Oprah has now ruled it out.  “Not in my DNA,” she said.  This is good.

The Democrats do not need a celebrity.  They do not need a better slogan, or a clever mascot.  They do not need Joe Biden, or young Joe Kennedy, or Michelle Obama, or Corey Booker.  What they need is a program which will help the American working class. And a candidate who genuinely believes in that program.

Barring that, they will  lose again.


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One response to “Oprah Bows Out

  1. Beverly Dahlen

    I am with you about Oprah. But I don’t think Joe Biden should run. I like the young Kennedy but he needs a few years to mature. Corey Booker would be a good choice, perhaps. Let’s see what develops.

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