A Ridiculous Man

This video right here, which doesn’t look like it  was photo-shopped at all to me, is the funniest thing to come through the old intertubes in a while.  The Democrats in congress may be too weak to mount an impeachment, and I suspect that Mueller, in the end, may be too much of a political putz to bring an indictment, but it certainly makes him look ridiculous and  is absolute proof that he’s been lying about that being his  own hair.  Provided, of course, it’s genuine, and so far I see no reason to  believe it’s not.

Then, there’s this thing about having a big, Soviet style military parade.  It’s nuts, it’s clearly nuts, but I’ve already seen some of the Trumpeteers on my page supporting it, saying we liberals don’t truly support the military.  And by military, I’m sure they mean the flag and all the rest of that foofaraw.  I’ve heard plenty of good responses to it, there are memes galore, but I felt Rand Paul delivered the best response.  “Sure, let’s have a parade,” he said.  “Let’s declare victory in Afghanistan, bring all  our troops home, and have one hell  of a  parade.”  I paraphrase, but that was the gist.

Rand Paul may be a bit of a right wing lunatic of his own kind, but he’s smart and sometimes says things I  agree with.  Also, unlike Trump, I think he actually is working for what he thinks is the good  of the country.  Trump just wants a parade.

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