Winter Olympics

I’m right now watching Sweden v. Switzerland in women’s ice hockey, which is something I’d never seen before this year.  Switzerland’s leading, 2-1, but the teams are real evenly matched and there are 7 minutes left in regular time.

It surprised me a bit.  I expected female ice hockey players to  look  very much like female weight lifters, or shot putters, but they don’t.  Of course, you can’t see much because their hockey gear looks exactly like the male hockey gear and so, much like American  football, you are not actually watching recognizable people playing but just watching a bunch of uniforms and helmets gliding  up the ice.  But, when the action slows down, or someone’s in the penalty box, you get a glimpse behind the bars of the mask.  These are hot women.  If these women weren’t playing hockey, they would not look out of place figure skating, which definitely has a beauty pageant element to it.
One minute left.

BTW, if the Dutch are so completely dominant in speed skating, (and they are) why are they absolutely invisible on the world hockey scene?  I mean, skating is half the game, and the other half is being able to hold a stick and wack at a round gob of hard rubber while you’re doing it, which I’m sure can be taught.
Switzerland won.  I’m happy enough with that.  Haven’t seen the Czech women play yet, and have no idea if they’re good or not.
Congratulations to Shaun White on his snowboarding (halfpipe) gold, even though I thought Ayuma Hirano (Japan), who got silver, was spectacular and should have won.  But, the judges know the sport better than I do, and Shaun White was pretty spectacular, too.

And, that’s about it for my Olympic observations tonight.

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