Gun Control – a Couple of Ideas

One idea,  of course, is a tax.  A 1,000% tax on any ammunition that can be used in assault rifles.  It wouldn’t make it too difficult to OWN them,  if all  you want to do is hang the gun on the wall and admire the craftsmanship.  It might be prohibitive for hunters, because if you spend $1,000 to shoot a deer – 2 or 3,000 if you’re a bad shot – the meat does not justify the cost.
The other idea is insurance.  If you want to buy a gun, you should need a license, and we should make one of the requirements for the license liability insurance – same as with a driver’s license.  Now, let’s set the price of one life at $10,000,000.  I’m sure those who’ve lost people would say that’s not nearly enough, but it will do as a nice, round number to illustrate the idea.  $2,000,000 for serious injury.  Faced with the prospect of a $200,000,000 payout, you can be certain the insurance companies would be asking a lot of questions.
“Do you have any children at home?”
“Are any of them teenage boys?”
“Do they have any friends?”

“Are they known for making jokes about how much they’d like to kill people?”

“Have they ever been associated with any hate groups or paramilitary groups?”
“Have they ever been banned from having a backpack at school because the teachers were afraid of what he might be carrying in it?”
Stuff like that.  I think it would cut mass shootings and, in fact, all gun crime right down.

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One response to “Gun Control – a Couple of Ideas

  1. Beverly Dahlen

    Good ideas!  They don’t have a hot breath of hell of ever getting passed. BD

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