More About The Russians

Seriously, Hillary loyalists must be starting to feel a little bit embarrassed about now.  13 Russians, and they’ve been charged with opening Facebook accounts under false names.  Who hasn’t done that?

Well, maybe that’s a bit disingenuous of me.  There’s a difference between using a joke name and setting up an account for Boogerface P. Malarkey or E. Tobaggo Dix, and actually stealing somebody’s identity for the account information.  So, I guess they can add identity theft.
It’s not going to lead to impeachment, though. (They’ve got plenty for that.  If they wanted to impeach, they  could impeach.)  They’ve pretty  much admitted they don’t have enough to make the collusion charge stick.  They’ve changed the rhetoric from ‘tampering with’ the election down to ‘influencing’ the election.  So, it’s time for a quick review of a few key words.

Rigging – Deciding on a predetermined outcome, and being able to enforce it.  What Hillary did in the primaries.
Hacking – Something only people who are really good with computers can do.  It’s not just spamming or trolling.  It’s stealing passwords, taking over somebody’s computer, nasty stuff like that.  To  say the election was hacked means somebody actually gained control over the voting machines.  I doubt very much if the 13 trolls they just arrested had done that.  And the DNC servers were not hacked.  That was a leak.
Tampering – Maybe like low level hacking.  Could be old fashioned political shenanigans.  Stink bombs at polling stations, stealing yard signs, stuff like that.

Leak – If you get the information legitimately, like maybe your an insider, and you tell other people.  This is how Julian Assange got the goods on the DNC.  It doesn’t matter what the DNC says, they are liars.
Influence –  When you try to convince people to vote for the candidate you like.  That’s what the 13 Russians, who have not been connected to the Russian government, nor yet (though I wouldn’t be surprised) to the Trump campaign, are accused of.  That, and maybe the identity theft.

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