Just Bitching

This morning I woke up and finished, first thing, well, making coffee was first thing, but I finished the poem on the  first cup and it was a poem that had been thrashing around in my mind for four or five days, so I felt real good about that.
I posted it right away to two poetry sites.  One, which is exclusively  for  rhyming poetry, I’ll  probably just ignore in future.  I’ve submitted three poems there, starting a couple of weeks ago, and it still just says ‘3 Poems Pending,’ whereas most other sites just put them up right away.
I could respect  a model where not all poems are published, but I glanced through the site a bit and realized that plenty of the poetry there is crap so  it’s not a question of editors being selective, it’s a question, likely, of editors being absent.  I also noticed that about half the posts were from one person, the admin, and a lot  of the others were announcements of poetry events and contests.
On the other site, I just checked and zero reactions to my masterpiece.  Par for the course, but par for the course is pretty darned frustrating.  About an hour ago, I published another poem there, a much  shorter one, 4 lines, just a silly thing, but that allows people to read it all at once and it means you can give it a colored background.  It got a couple of likes almost immediately.
It’s human nature, I guess.  I also ignore a lot of poems which are long enough that you have to click on ‘more,’ which is at about  3 or 4 lines, so it’s just long enough to get a spark or not and allows no room for a poem to build slowly.  The literature of the future is going to have to be short and sweet.  Because, as Marshall McCluhan said, the medium is the message.

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