More Shit about Russia

I’ve written about the whole Russian thing a couple of times already this week, so I don’t want to get too deep into it, but…

I think there are a couple of things that Americans are overlooking.  I may be underestimating most Americans, but I did grow up there, and judging from the current political climate, certain things haven’t changed.  To Americans, the rest of the world is invisible.   If they notice it at all, it is like some big, fearsome place.
So, I realize that I may be saying things that any intelligent person would know, but it certainly seems they are being overlooked.

First, the internet  is international.  O.K., maybe not China, they’ve got their own system going on, but there are people from almost everywhere on Facebook.  Among my Facebook friends are people in Russian, and Brazil, and Iran, and England, and Australia, and New Zealand, and Canada, and lots of other countries.  I like  that aspect of it,  and I don’t think it’s possible to ever og back from it.
Second, people in other countries have opinions about American politics.  It’s hard to avoid.  The U.S. is a key player in world politics.

So, any time there is a U.S. election, and this is going to be the case from now on, foreign individuals are  going to be blogging about it, posting memes about it, sharing articles about it, and making comments on it.
I don’t know if they’ll find any serious wrongdoing (all that was wrong with their ads is that they were super lame, but identity theft is a serious crime), but I doubt they’ll even be able to bring them to trial.

They are in Russia.  It’s a whole other country.

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