Confirming the Point

They speak with one voice and their arguments get stupider and stupider.  Not the time to talk about it, they said.  But, it is.  Mental health  issue, they said.  Well, yeah.  Crazy people shouldn’t have guns.  We’ll give them have a point for that one, but it doesn’t prove the point they wanted to prove.  Blah, blah, blah, some semantic difference between assault rifle and semi-automatic.  Yeah, I don’t know the names of everybody in AC/DC, either, but I have friends who are heavy metal fans who do.  Just because you’re a gun nut and proud to know the terminology, doesn’t make guns a good  thing.  Arm the teachers!, they say next, but that one just got laughed down, so they added metal detectors, bonuses, and military guards roaming the halls, which is as nightmarish as it is unaffordable.

Today’s talking point was ‘fatherless boys.’  Again, half a point.  It might not be the ideal situation, and society might do better at supporting single parent families (better daycare, more flexible employment possibilities), but there are millions of kids from single parent homes who are not shooting up their schools; who are, in fact, doing O.K.
After trying to drag the conversation back to banning guns, which is what we need to do to solve the problem, I  was called a Russian Troll (whatever gave them the idea I was Russian,  I don’t know.  My  language pattern and writing style should have made it totally clear that I am an American troll), and charged with trying to foment a civil war.  You know, because gun lovers love their guns so much  that they’ll fight to the death to keep them.  If anybody tries to take their guns (like the government) they’ll meet them with barrels blazing.
That is absolutely the worst argument ever.  That’s like the abusive boyfriend threatening to kill a girl if she leaves him.  Nothing says ‘get out now’ like a death threat.  That argument absolutely seals it for me, that we should take these guns away from these people as soon as possible.  They are dangerous.  They say so themselves.

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