Hicks Resignation is Cause for Hope

There seem to be some positive developments in the gun debate, with Dick’s, which I’d never heard of before but I guess it’s a pretty major sporting goods  chain, and Walmart both stopping sales of AR-15s. (you could buy one of those at WalMart?? Dayum)  Dick’s also stopped sales of magazines (or clips, whatever you want to call them), and raised the age of sale from 18 to 21 (they were not forced by legislation, mind you).  But, I’ve written a lot about this in the past week, and there are other things in the world.

Hope Hicks has resigned.  In light of the huge turnover in the Trump team, it’s really not big news, it’s a drop in the bucket, but… she has admitted publicly that she’s lied for Trump.  Little white lies, she said, but I’m not sure what the legal difference is between a little white lie and an attempt to defraud the public, or congress (congress, that could be a problem.  Lying to congress is what they impeached Clinton over.  Lying to the public is no big deal.  Politicians have been getting away with that forever.

We’ll see what she says to Mueller.
Here’s an optimistic thought to round out the evening.  Everybody in the Trump administration is working for a bloated, narcissistic moron.  They probably all realize this, but they are just as greedy, racist, and self-absorbed as he is, because birds of a feather and all  that.  There probably isn’t a one of them that won’t co-operate with the investigation to save themselves jail  time.


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