Is There a Limit to Crazy? (No, there isn’t)

There are religions who believe the way to find  favor in God’s eyes is to do without all modern technology, because apparently the industrial revolution was the work of the devil, and others who believe the way is to wrap  a damned snake around your neck and start talking gibberish.  There are some which won’t let their adherents drink coffee and at least one that  promises their adherents that everybody will get their own planet when they die, which is even better than 72 virgins, assuming it’s an inhabited planet.  There have  been religions in which the preacher convinced the parishioners to commit mass suicide (we think of Jim Jones, but don’t forget Marshall Applewhite).
However, the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania has put them all on notice, even Westboro Baptist, that there is a new candidate for world’s craziest church.

Of course, it was founded  by the son of the Reverend Sun Yung Moon, who decided that his father wasn’t crazy enough so he’d start his own faction.  Today, they had a ceremony of people blessing their AR-15s, while wearing white robes with pink (sort of a purplish pink – they were probably trying for royal and the fact that it looked a bit gay was totally coincidental) and crowns made out of actual bullets.

Have we reached bottom yet?  I doubt it.  I don’t know how we can go  any lower but the downward spiral continues and does not seem to be slacking its pace.

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