Rough Day

I didn’t have my computer today because Helena took it to work today and I didn’t know how to sign into hers because I am a technotard, a computer klutz, etc…and then I dropped my  other pair of glasses on  the floor and cracked the frame and a lens popped out and then I dropped the remote on the floor and there went the TV.  Actually not completely, it was weird, at first it was stuck on a kiddie channel, a Czech kiddie channel, there was  something with talking  cars and cement mixers but it wasn’t Bob the Builder,  it took me back to the  day when the kids were little  and that’s all we watched, now they’re in double digits and they watch horrible police procedurals, the ones I call copraganda because that’s what they are, and then I manage to get a range of channels, but only about 10 or 15 of them, all in Czech but one in French, and they weren’t the ones we usually get, it was like a different TV set.  Helena didn’t get home until about 8 and then we went out to dinner at the Chinese for Women’s Day, another Hallmark guilt day but I don’t need too much of an excuse to go out for Chinese, but then we didn’t get home till about 10 and the kids wanted to play a board game, USA, it’s Trivial Pursuit, basically, but with very easy questions, in Czech, so it is  usually easy for me if I can at least understand the question and harder for the kids, partly because there are some things I take for granted as an American that they don’t know, and partly because there are things I take for granted as an adult, like Isabel got a question about Hurricane Katrina and said “How am I supposed to know about that, that’ before I was born!
So, I’m done, I’m out, I’ll try to write about something of great social and political import tomorrow, or maybe not.


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