HaHa, Martin Shkreli. Everybody’s Happy You’re Going to Jail.

We’ve got a house full so let me just crank out this blog as quickety split as can be so my mother-in-law can sleep on the couch, along with the nephews and niece.  Haven’t had too much time to stare at Facebook and pretend I’m keeping up with the news and finding something to blog about, because as soon as I got home from my class I was left baby sitting (took them out for pizza, that worked pretty well), but I am glad to see Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years.  Of course, it was for some kind of financial fraud and not just for being a complete wretch of a human being, but 7 years is 7 years.  Except it probably won’t be, after appeals and wrangling and such.  Still, it is a night for celebration.

I did get a couple of very short poems written today (4),  in my series of poems based on a stolen first line.  The literary merit of the project is questionable, although it did go down well at the last couple of poetry readings, but there is another benefit (to me, not to any  of my imaginary readers).  That is, remembering the  first line (which is not always the first line) I generally google it, and read or re-read the poem, just so I  won’t totally embarrass myself and get the line wrong or attribute it to the wrong author (up until very  recently I thought The Red Wheelbarrow was e.e. cummings, not William Carlos Williams.  It sort of seemed to me like  something Cummings might have written.
So, I’m giving myself a mini-course in classical poetry as I write the book, and I guess that’s not a total waste of time.

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