Much Ado About Nothing

I guess we’ll hit daylight  savings time here in the Czech Republic in a couple of  weeks, but  apparently it was this weekend in the states because plenty  of  people are talking about it  on my Facebook page.  More than are talking about Yemen, or Global Warming, or the oppression of  women in Saudi Arabia, for instance.
On the one hand,  I  think the whole concept of Daylight Savings Time is pretty  silly.  On the  other  hand,  I think the objections  to  it  are pretty silly as well.
It’s silly because it doesn’t  actually change anything.  The hours of  sunlight are the hours of sunlight, and the vast majority of  people  in the 21st century do not work in fields where it makes any difference.  Even those who do can  always get up earlier, or later, regardless of what  it says on  the clock.  We don’t need social approval for that, we  don’t need  to take a vote, we don’t need to arbitrarily change  the way we tell  time.
But I’ve seen memes  saying that suicides, crime and traffic accidents increase after the  switch, and I’m almost sure that’s bullshit.  I’ve seen people say they feel sluggish  the  day after the change, and take weeks to adjust.
Get real.  A few people are always late  to work the next Monday, some because they just weren’t paying attention and some, I suppose, because they are pretending that they weren’t paying attention, and everybody  has a laugh over it and it’s done.  It’s a topic of conversation for one day, or 5 minutes out of one  day, at least, in the same way that Groundhog Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day are.  People are desperate for topics of conversation that won’t piss people off.
In reality,  it does  nothing at all to affect our circadian rhythms, certainly less than an intercontinental flight.  So,  say you’re in favor of banning it if you will.  But,  don’t tell me it takes you a week to adjust.  I don’t believe that any more than I believe you’re allergic to gluten.

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