The Picture of the Pigs

It was a very rainy day, and that made it feel even  more like Spring than yesterday, which  was warm and sunny, but I am informed that it’s going to get cold again  and by later this week we’ll be  right back  to freezing our asses off.

I wrote something a few days back about people not retracting fake news after its been shown to be fake, and today I found myself afoul of my own rule, because the internet is a tangled web, with lots of gray areas, and mass communication is something that all of us are learning as  we go along.  So, here is the ethical  dilemma:
I signed a petition against factory  farming which came with a  horror show photo of pigs  in very tight cages, and my very  argumentative nephew said it was fake.  So, a quick check of Snopes (never any  harm in that) shows that the photo is from  China, and the cages are just for transport to market.  So, point for Don.  But, Snopes goes on to talk about  horrific  factory farming conditions in America (and while we’re at it, improving conditions for Chinese pigs is a fair issue  as well), so I didn’t delete the article, even  though I came to it via a somewhat misleading picture.


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  1. DW

    I too signed, but thinking that it looked pretty extreme and having some doubts about it’s veracity I didn’t click the “share” option. When I got back to my page there it was, shared. I’m going to be a bit more reluctant to sign now.

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