Tyrant is Sore at Rex!

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson got fired today, which is not terrible news, because he is an asshole.  How do we know he is an asshole?  He was Secretary of State under Donald Trump.  Of course he is an asshole.

But he wasn’t enough of an asshole for Trump.  He was fired (via Twitter, because that’s how the Donald rolls) because he said that Russia was behind the poisoning of a Russian spy and his daughter in England.  (Both are still in critical condition in hospital)  That wasn’t specifically stated as the reason, but the fact that he said it yesterday and was fired today and Trump never says a bad word about his friend Putie-Tutie is a strong indicator.
He’s being replaced by CIA chief Mike Pompeo, who is no doubt just as big an asshole, and he is being  replaced by torture vixen and destroyer of evidence Gina Haspel.  Apparently,  there is an absolutely endless supply of monstrous people bent on  destroying human civilization.

It’s not an outrageous assertion to say that Russia tried to kill Sergei and Yulia Skripal.  Sergei had been a double agent, selling secrets to the British, and served time for it in Russia before being exchanged, and retiring in England.  The KGB is certainly capable of such an attack (as are MI6 -remember Edward Kelly, the CIA, and Mossad) and had motive.  I’ve heard it suggested that maybe MI6 sponsored the attack, maybe just to make the Russians look bad, or maybe they found out he was a triple agent, only pretending to help the British while secretly still working for the Russians, but that seems a stretch to me.

Occam’s Razor (meaning we’ll probably never know the truth for sure) says that the Russians did it.  Still, I don’t think it’s worth going to war over, or increasing tensions with Russia more than necessary over it.  It’s the spy game.  We’ve all seen the movies.  It’s all about assassinations and counter assassinations and all the big governments do it.
If the question is (and it always should be) how do we avoid this in future, I have two suggestions:  First, maybe Britain needs to do a better job of protecting its assets, like maybe giving them a fake name and not disclosing their address publicly.  Second, and this is the big one, we need less government secrecy all around.  If the Russians and British would just keep each other appraised of what they were doing, they wouldn’t have to employ spies at all, and might even become friends.  Same for the U.S., and everybody else.  There’s no need for secrets unless you’re planning on a war, and nobody should be planning any wars.

p.s. the title  of  this  blog is not original with me.  Somebody posted it on Facebook and I thought it was funny.

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