Weekend To Do List

It’s Friday which is wonderful because it’s the day before Saturday and Sunday, so after I finished teaching my Kbely kids, I came home and smoked a big, fat doober.  It’s a normal and natural thing to do on Friday, and I have cut back in recent years from smoking like every day, before classes even, no matter when.  Nonetheless, it’s  not good for productivity.
See, I’ve got a bit of a to-do list for this weekend, which consists of working on two books of poetry which are written, just need to be spruced up for publishing, the good one is almost done and the crap one, Rheets 2017, which is a writing project I do every year made up of one rhyming tweet per day (hence the title, Rheets being a portmanteau word for rhyming tweets), and which is originally meant to plug this blog right here, is in the mid-stages; reading and proofreading a friend’s book, which I kind of started this morning but I’m still on the introduction; choosing some poetry for a reading Monday night and it would be great if I could write something new, but you can’t force the muse; and probably some other stuff I can’t think of  at the moment because one good joint deserves another and before you  know it  it’s half past midnight and I’ve accomplished nothing except a few snarky comments on Facebook, and that neither does anything  to improve the world or even my situation in it, but there it is.  Tomorrow’s another day.

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